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Strix Digital

Strix Digital is a photo-retouching and post-production company based in Austin, Texas. When they came to me to work on their branding, they wanted to incorporate a Strix owl, which is a genus of owls with ties to ancient Greek mythology. Using this as a visual direction, I designed a logo and series of icons help give them an identity. These are talented folks, check out their work here.

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The Barbasol Field Guide to Manhood

The Barbasol Field Guide to Manhood is a published collection of sacred knowledge passed from generation to generation on what it means to be a man today. With just a few weeks to excecute this project for Barbasol, our small but motivated team was able to create a 130 page piece of work that includes our own design, illustration, and photography. Book available for purchase here.
*Named Best of Print at the 2014 Austin Addy's.

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Southwest Cargo

Print layouts for the cargo division of Southwest Airlines.

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A collection of logos, typographic treatments, and illustrations.

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Tsubo Shoes

Various digital work for Tsubo Shoes.

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GSDM Presents: Steve Earle

Poster design for a performance by Steve Earle, reading from his novel "I'll Never Get Out of This World Alive."
*Featured in PRINT Magazine's 2013 Regional Design Annual.

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Woods Apothecary

Branding and packaging design for Woods Apothecary.

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GSDM Presents: Reggie Watts

Poster design for a performance by comedian/musician Reggie Watts at GSD&M's SXSW 2013 Industry Party.
*Received a Gold honor at the 2014 Austin Addy's.

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Barbasol Press Kit

For the launch of Barbasol's new campaign, we designed a press kit that was sent to influential men in the media. The kit consisted of various print materials, new creative work, T-shirts, and a can of Barbasol. We packaged everything in repurposed, screen printed ammo cans, and designed a hand-bound book mounted on a wooden board. All pieces were proudly designed and crafted in-house with sore hands.
*Featured in Graphis Design Annual 2014 and received a Gold honor at the 2014 Austin Addy's.

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Clyde May's Whiskey

Label explorations for Clyde May's Alabama whiskey.

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Discover Something

A selection of typographic lock-ups, as well as a customized alphabet that I designed for L.L.Bean's 'Discover Something' campaign that launched in 2012/2103.

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Made in America

Still proudly American owned and manufactured near Columbus, Ohio, Barbasol fits the very definition of
Made in the USA. Created in collaboration with Brooklyn screen printer Two Arms Inc. and co-worker Alex Roka,
this poster celebrates Barbasol's American heritage and features elements of Two Arms' signature textured style. Check out the video we shot here.

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Flint Creek Outfitters

Various apparel designs for Flint Creek Outfitters.

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Andy Rawls Branding

Logo and business card design for the talented furniture maker Andy Rawls. Based in Boerne, Texas, Andy's style is inspired by the rich history of Texas cabinetmakers from the 19th century. Check out his work here.

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The "Chobles"

When you're a designer and some of your close friends get married, chances are they're coming to you for help with their wedding materials. Here are some invites, RSVP's, and other illustrations for their upcoming wedding. Soon to be letterpressed and silkscreened, photos coming soon.