Three years of pure heart
and soul for Patagonia.

2020 Elections - Climate Deniers

Role: Art Direction, Animation Direction, Design
Animation: Joe Pease

This project was in the making for about a year leading up to the elections. We had gotten a request from the company founder Yvon Chouinard to make something that shed light on the dirty money fueling the fossil fuel that makes its way into the hands of politicians who enable the perpetual molestation of our public lands through drilling and heavy deforestation. It's an ugly dance, watching the leaders our country practically paid to deny the effects that big oil and big gas actually have on our planet. We were told to swing for the fences by Yvon, and he loved it. Though ultimately, the video was pulled for fear of safety concerns of Patagonia retail employees across the country. 

Role: Art Direction, Digital Design
Digital Partner: Some Odd Pilot

What do you do when one of your most iconic products, the R1, turns twenty years old? Build a web experience that celebrates two decades of wild adventures, first ascents, and classic moments with 20 stories, all done in an R1. We dug through our archives, filmed a music video, and connected with our network to help define these stories. The stories contain various media types, and were designed to be engaging, navigable, and shoppable. While the site experience now only lives on the staging backend, you can still experience the full version here.

Role: Art Direction, Digital Design
Digital Partner: Some Odd Pilot

The launch of Patagonia's High Endurance Kit was a pinnacle moment for the trail running category. It is an integrated system of technical running pieces that allow long distance runners to be at high elevations minimal stopping or discomfort. These are the kinds of runs where the weather is variable, calories burn fast, and preparation is key. To demonstrate why these products exist and how they're used in conjunction with one another, we built an interactive digital experience that chapterizes this type of run into four different transition points we tagged 'moments of integration'. These transition moments allow the audience to click the plus icon, and dive deeper into a multi-media product education experience. View the site experience here.

Role: Art Direction
Video Editor: Eliel Hindert

The R1 Air was designed to keep you moving continuously in cold conditions. The fabric’s zigzag structure balances warmth and breathability without adding weight. It doesn't hurt that the same zigzag pattern finds its way into just about every uphill sport that the product is designed for. Needless to say, it became the defining link between sport and product and helped shape the visual language throughout the campaign.